NEW! Multi-Kill, The Power Tool of Rodent Control

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September 19, 2008 - Lititz, PA - Victor® introduces the latest innovation in rodent control. The Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is the fastest, easiest, most effective solution available. Fully automated, the Victor® Multi-Kill has the ability to eliminate a rodent infestation in just one night!

Designed for superior interaction, two points of entry via the lab-tested staircase design lead mice into the Shock N' Drop Chamber. This chamber's patented 3-plate design senses the mouse's presence and sends a high-voltage shock to kill in less than 3 seconds at a 100% kill rate guaranteed! This means no escapes, ever! After the mouse expires, the Shock N' Drop Chamber rotates, dropping the mouse into the collection drawer and then resets, ready to kill again. It's this technology that allows the Multi-Kill to dispatch up to 10 mice per setting.

Safe for kids and pets, the Multi-Kill features a built-in safety switch which automatically deactivates the trap when the lid is open. The Multi-Kill is easy to use. Simply bait the trap and turn it on. An indicator light tells the user when a mouse has been trapped and when the collection drawer is full. The Multi-Kill traps and kills up to 150 mice per set of batteries (included).

Victor® - trusted by consumers for over 100 years - a division of Woodstream Corporation.