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Safely Repel Mole and Gophers with Sweeney's New Line of Sonic Spikes

Sonic Spike FamilyLITITZ, PA—July 21, 2014—Sweeney's®, a trusted brand in mole and gopher control since 1892, has added three new sonic spikes to their product line-up. The Heavy Duty Sonic Spike™, Sonic Spike™ PRO and Solar Spike™ PRO all work to safely repel moles and gophers from landscapes without the use of poisons and traps. The effective, easy-to-use spikes emit a combination of intermittent vibrations and/or sonic sound pulses that take advantage of burrowing animals' acute sense of hearing and heightened sensitivity to ground vibrations. When exposed to the sonic pulses and vibrations, underground pests are encouraged to leave the area in search of more hospitable surroundings.

"Sweeney's new sonic spikes are a great solution for homeowners looking for a humane, effective way to protect their lawns and gardens from destructive moles and gophers," says Andrea Cober, Category Development Associate at Sweeney's. "The eco-friendly spikes are completely safe to use around children and pets. And thanks to some cool technology, the sonic pulses and vibrations are produced intermittently which prevent underground enemies from becoming accustomed to them. This feature helps discourage return visits."

Sweeney's Heavy Duty Sonic Spike™

Constructed from a single billet of aluminum with a green, watertight cap that blends into landscapes, the Heavy Duty Sonic Spike has been tested by an independent U.S. certified laboratory and approved by consumer groups. This effective mole and gopher repeller emits penetrating sonic pulses at 15 second intervals that work to chase away burrowing animals and keep them from returning.

The easy-to-use Heavy Duty Sonic Spike provides up to 11,250 square feet (¼ acre) of coverage. Equipped with a convenient battery charge cylinder, batteries can easily be changed without removing the unit from the ground.

Sweeney's Sonic Spike™ PRO

Nature has provided moles and gophers with a keen sense of hearing and acute sensitivity to underground pulsations to compensate for their poor vision. Using Hyperpulse Technology™ to create vibrations and sonic sounds, the Sonic Spike PRO plays upon these senses to safely drive away burrowing pests. To discourage their return, the unit produces intermittent sonic pulses every 18 seconds to minimize the chance of the animals becoming immune to the sounds and vibrations.

Safe to use around children and pets, the powerful Sonic Spike PRO with Hyperpulse Technology works around the clock to provide up to 13,500 square feet (1/3 acre) of protection. Built to last with a solid aluminum shaft and watertight cap, the easy-to-use sonic spike will operate continuously even in adverse weather conditions.

Sweeney's Solar Spike™ PRO

Safely repel moles, gophers, voles and other destructive burrowing animals with Sweeney's new, eco-friendly Solar Spike PRO with Hyperpulse Technology™. Powered by the sun and built for longevity, the durable aluminum spike features a solar panel embedded in a watertight plastic housing. When fully charged, the maintenance-free Solar Spike PRO yields up to four days of power, providing uninterrupted protection in the event of bad weather.

Using Hyperpulse Technology, the Solar Spike PRO produces penetrating sonic sounds and vibrations every 30 seconds to humanely repel underground animals. Ideal for protecting large areas, each unit provides up to 13,500 square feet (1/3 acre) of coverage.

"All of the new sonic spikes are durable, low-maintenance and waterproof," says Cober. "And because they can be buried flush with the ground, the spikes blend in naturally with landscapes and can easily be mowed over without the hassle of removing them from the ground."

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About Sweeney's®

Headquartered in Lititz, PA, Sweeney's is an industry leader in developing safe and effective DIY pest control products. Founded in 1892, Sweeney's product line-up includes a wide array of baits, traps and repellents for controlling moles, gophers, voles and other burrowing animals. Sweeney's products are widely distributed at leading retailers nationwide. For more information, call 1-800-800-1819 or visit

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