Electronic Mouse Trap (M250S)

Simplify your rodent control routine with the Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap. This innovative mouse solution utilizes a high-voltage shock and beveled columns to ensure a 100% kill rate. Plus, the convenient LED light will notify you of catches as well as low battery power.

Learn how to use, clean, and troubleshoot your Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap by navigating through our helpful customer support section.



  1. Use a set of new AA batteries when setting up your trap to ensure the trap is working at full capacity.
  2. Be sure to use a high-protein bait, such as peanut butter, being careful to apply it only on the indicated bait cup.
  3. The LED flashes green for up to one week to notify of a catch. A red blinking light signals low battery power.
  4. Clean the trap after each use for most effective results.
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