Will Snakes Come Indoors?

It’s not uncommon to see snakes slithering around outside every once in a while. But when they become frequent visitors to your property, you might start getting concerned about whether or not they could make their way inside your home. Learn how and why snakes enter, plus ways to prevent it from happening.

What Attracts Snakes Inside?

Snakes enter homes and other buildings to find dark, moist, cool areas to search for their next meal. They can make their way through screens, small cracks, and spaces around the foundation of your house, open vents, pipes, and any other space that may provide a small entryway to your home.

Because snakes cannot chew or dig, they can only typically enter your home through cracks and other small spaces that are already open. This does not mean there aren’t other ways of getting in, however. Snakes can find themselves in large plants that are being transferred from outside to inside, too.

Your home might be attractive for reasons other than rodents taking up residence in your space. During the winter months, snakes try to find a stable environment to regulate their temperature. This includes hiding out in spaces like attics, sheds, basements, garages, and other places with easy access points for rodents and other prey. These areas can also be known to collect moisture and provide the water that snakes need.

Once snakes receive constant access to food and water, they will establish nests. This can make it difficult to spot them once they are already in your home if you’re not looking for them.

How to Prevent Snakes

It’s much easier to stop snakes from coming inside your home or building than it is dealing with a snake infestation. It’s a good idea to check around the perimeter of your home and make sure to seal all the cracks and holes that might have occurred over time. Replacing screens, windows, and doors might also be a necessity when snake-proofing your home.

Another way to deter snakes from entering your home is by taking care of the plants around your home and making sure that it doesn’t become overgrown. Taking care of the debris in your yard so that snakes aren’t drawn to your property is another good preventative step.

Repellents can be a great solution to keep snakes away from the outside perimeter of your home. Victor® Snake-A-Way® works fast to drive snakes out. Place the liquid or granular repellent outside the perimeter of your home to keep the snakes away with a scent that disorients them.

Learn all about how to remove snakes from your property in this article!

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Keep Snakes Out

Snakes are certainly one of those pests that you’d rather deal with outside than inside your home. By using our products, you can prevent snakes from finding their way into your home. Let us know how you deal with snakes on our Facebook Page. Stay up to date with the products that will protect your home from not only snakes but rodents by signing up for our


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