Why are Snakes on my Property?

keep snakes off your property

Unless you have a pet snake, you likely don’t want these slithering animals around your property. Although most snakes are harmless, some are venomous. Not to mention these creatures tend to frighten people with their fangs and other predatory characteristics. Learn why snakes are visiting your property, plus ways that you can deter them.

What Attracts Snakes

The first thing to do when you notice snakes on your property is to identify things that may be drawing them to your yard. Snakes are driven to different places on the basis that they need a source of food, water, and shelter. When looking for a place to stay, snakes want to find a cool, moist area.

Yards that have overgrown grass, bushes, or plants make a perfect spot for these reptiles to hide out and stalk their prey in. Not to mention, this type of environment tends to have more moisture than if your yard was cut and plants were properly trimmed. If your yard has puddles or spots that tend to accumulate water, you could be unknowingly creating the perfect habitat for snakes.

Another factor that could lure in snakes is the possibility that their prey is already taking up residence on your property. Rodents and birds are common meals for these predators. The more rodents and other prey animals that could be a source of food for snakes, the more likely you are to have snakes on your property.

Other things that might be drawing snakes to your backyard are:

  • Clutter – If you have clutter in your yard, it allows snakes to use these items as hiding spots while hunting. Keep your yard free of debris and make sure to store wood and other materials elsewhere. This will deter some other nuisance critters as well.
  • Birdfeeders – Birds can be messy eaters and often drop seeds, which in turn can attract rodents. These make the perfect meal for those snakes hiding out in your yard. Place your feeder farther away from your home and clean up the area underneath them regularly.
  • Feeding Pets Outdoors – If you feed your pets outdoors, it might leave debris and other attractive crumbs for rodents. Feed your animals inside so that the snake’s prey isn’t located in your yard.
  • Mulch – Mulch can draw invertebrates that some species of snakes eat. Plus, they can use mulch as a cover to hide.
  • Garden Pond – As mentioned, snakes love moist areas. Even though garden ponds might look good in your yard, they might be bringing in snakes and providing them with the perfect environment.

Making Your Property Unappealing To Snakes

So how can you keep snakes off your property? There are a few ways that will help you make your yard less appealing to these reptiles, without compromising your outdoor décor and beautiful space.

Taking care of your lawn by mowing the grass and making sure that plants stay neatly trimmed is a great start. There are other ways that you can landscape to help deter snakes as well. Try choosing plants that don’t require lots of water and provide minimal shade and shelter. This way that you can include nature in your backyard without bringing out predators.

You can also maximize the sun exposure in your yard, as snakes will try to find cooler spaces if in the sun for too long. Trimming trees, ensuring that lawn decorations don’t provide hiding spots, and keeping your yard litter-free can help reduce the shady spots.

To create an unpleasant environment for snakes, apply Victor® Snake-A-Way® to your yard. This repellent, available in liquid and granular form, can be placed around the perimeter of your property to help deter snakes. The unique blend of ingredients in Snake-A-Way® work to temporarily disrupt a snake’s sensory receptors via its auxiliary olfactory sense organ, also known as Jacobson’s Organ. This reaction successfully disorients the snake, causing it to slither away unharmed to search for fresh air.

To learn more about how to remove snakes from your property, check out this article.

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