Mousetrap Racers: How Victor® Fuels Racing Victories

Mousetrap Racers: How Victor® Fuels Racing Victories

For well over a hundred years, Victor® has enjoyed worldwide recognition as being a leader in pest control. Its original, innovative snap-trap still proves to be a best-seller to this day. But what you may not be aware of is how our simple design can be used for purposes other than catching rodents.

Making Physics Fun

It may surprise you to learn that our innocuous little snap-trap has been gracing the desks of high schools across the country – and they weren’t left there by the custodial staff! Applying the physics behind our powerful devices’ engineering, our traps are being used as “motors” for miniature race cars.

Whether it is for a classroom project or an intramural competition, students are challenged with the task of creating a body design around the trap that would best utilize the action of its snapping spring. There are even contests that can earn scholarships for college-bound students! 

In some mousetrap car competitions, the intent is to create the fastest racer, while in others it is to see who builds the mousetrap car that goes the farthest. Each racing style calls for different design approaches and relies as much on the student’s imagination and ingenuity as on his or her intelligence and resourcefulness.

Victor Fancy Mousetrap Racer

The Grand Prix in Monaco

If you love car races and have the opportunity to check out some in Europe, be sure to include Monaco on your tour. There you can find the Monaco Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix endorsed by Prince Albert II. You may not find Formula 1 race cars, but you will see innovative designs that spark your curiosity.

And that is primarily the goal of these projects – to use one’s creativity to craft and construct something that efficiently uses the laws of physics to its advantage. Originality of design is not required, but it certainly helps make the presentation more enjoyable! 

Make Your Own

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be enrolled in a physics program to join in on the fun! Making your very own mousetrap race car is a simple hobby that anyone can enjoy. In fact, one teacher who incorporated these racers into his class has his own company devoted to the hobby and helped spark the nationwide attention that inspired other teachers to do the same.

Under the nickname his students gave him, “Doc Fizzix” offers supplies, advice, and manuals through his company website. Overwhelming requests from school teachers for guidance on how to implement his ideas in class led to the formation of Doc Fizzix Products. The packets he prepared in response to these school requests evolved into Mousetrap Cars: The Secret to Success. The first of its kind, this popular book has been instructing mousetrap car enthusiasts for the past twenty years. In addition to showing how to build the racers, Doc Fizzix also explains how they work by delving into the science behind them.

Victor Mousetrap Racer Design

Victor® Works Best

So what type of traps work best? Even Doc Fizzix recommends using Victor® mousetraps for your racers. And with Victor®, you can rest assured that your choice is an ecological one because Victor® only uses wood that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. That indicates the wood has come from responsibly managed forests. Victor traps are also prominently featured as part of the trophies created for these mousetrap car competitions.

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