Gopher Facts

No outdoor critter wreaks as much backyard havoc as the gopher. These underground creatures rose to their zenith of fame in the hit movie, Caddyshack, earning them a reputation for stealth and elusiveness that could put a covert CIA agent to shame.

Gophers are small, destructive animals that live in burrows below the surface of the earth. Their days are spent creating extensive networks of subterranean tunnels, referred to as gopher towns, in a never-ending search of food. The end result of this constant digging? Destroyed landscapes and stunned homeowners staring at their once immaculate lawns in disbelief.


Gophers - Baits

Baits are not needed when using traps to capture gophers. When traps are properly placed in the ground, gophers will naturally encounter the traps as they race through their tunnels in search of food.


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