As Weather Patterns Surge Rodent Populations, Victor Offers Rodent Control Tips in a Segment of The Popular "The Balancing Act" TV Show

Across the US, season after season of recording breaking weather patterns has created the perfect storm for pest issues in your home.

Starting in February, two storms dropped more than 40 inches of snow in some areas stretching from the Mid-West to New England. This record breaking snowfall created a blanket for rodents that would last for several weeks. Below the surface, rodents thrive. They have the ability to breed without having to worry about predators and the harsh weather conditions on the surface.

Throughout the spring, unseasonably warm temperatures across the US coupled with low drought conditions continued to create the perfect breeding ground for rodents. Due to the current conditions and rodent's incredible ability to reproduce, summer population forecasts are reaching historic highs.

As the hot, dry conditions of late summer begin to set in, these elevated rodent populations will be forced to find new sources for nourishment and shelter from the heat. It is important to keep in mind some simple steps that will protect your home and family.

Lifetime's hit show "The Balancing Act" is presenting a segment featuring Victor's new safer and cleaner ways of controlling your pest problems as well as many tips to help keep rodents clear from your home.