Victor® Rodent Introduces Fast-Kill® Brand

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Victor® Rodent Introduces Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station with Bait Blocks

Lititz, PA—Nov. 21, 2012— Victor®, a world leader in rodent control, has added Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Stations with Bait Blocks to their extensive line of rodent control products. Engineered with a fast-acting, non-anticoagulant formula, the new mouse poison can kill rodents within two days of consumption. Easy-to-use, simply place a bait block in the Refillable Bait Station and set in areas of high rodent activity.


"Victor's Refillable Bait Stations are an effective and economical way to kill mice," says Andrea Vogel, Category Development Associate at Victor "Mice may consume a lethal dose in a single night's feeding. More mice can be killed with less bait, giving homeowners the most bang for their buck."

Victor's Fast-Kill mouse poison is formulated with top quality, bakery-grade ingredients including oats and other wholesome items that are highly palatable to mice. The pre-shaped bait blocks have gnaw edges, enabling the mice to chew easily.

"When mice are scurrying around your home, we know that eliminating them as fast as possible is a top priority," says Vogel. "Victor's new Fast-Kill Brand is an effective, fast-acting solution for homeowners looking to quickly and easily exterminate large populations of mice."

Victor's Fast-Kill Brand Refillable Bait Stations are resistant to tampering by children and sealed packaging keeps the bait blocks fresh. The Refillable Stations are available for sale with nine bait blocks ($5.97) or twenty bait blocks ($8.93) on Victor's website at

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