Victor® Mouse Glue Board - 4 Traps

Model #: M180C-4

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  • Victor proprietary glue formula
  • Glue surface catches mice and insects and holds them securely
  • No setting or baiting required
  • Lock tab tent hides pests from view

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Victor® Mouse Glue Board - 4 Traps

The Victor Mouse Glue Board is a highly effective mouse control device designed to trap and hold mice and insects on contact. The disposable tent design hides the pest and prevents your pets from contacting the glue. Easy to use and pre-baited with a synthetic peanut butter scent, each mouse trap has a large glue surface proven to catch and hold even heavy rodents. This high-quality glue board mouse trap requires no setting – just place and catch. The mouse trap catches the rodent with lock-tab tents that hide mice, making disposal quick and easy.


Victor® Mouse Glue Board - 4 Traps

  • Victor proprietary glue formula
  • Glue surface catches mice and insects and holds them securely
  • No setting or baiting required
  • Lock tab tent hides pests from view

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January 22, 2018
These glue traps work excellent for insects By nana10

I was so glad to see I could order these mouse and insect glue boards from here as for some reason I can no longer find them at Wal Mart etc. For insects these work excellent. I can't say enough good about them. I have heard not so good for mice but, I don't' have problems with them myself so I can't say. I do have problems with spiders, gnats, crawly insects I can't even identify. I live in a very old apt. building. I am allergic to nearly everything but, these don't seem to bother me although, they do have a slight odor of peanut butter when opened which evidently all the bugs love :-). When I had a fly infestation it took me a few days for my landlord to be able to resolve it and let me tell you I was replacing these every day with near a hundred on each one of them and I had at least 10 of them in various areas. I can't say enough good although, I leave them open and I do have to be careful of course to handle them. I wear disposable gloves as I do for most everything as, the glue is very strong. I should fold them as they were meant to be but, I like having the larger surface for them to get caught in and maybe, accidently will get some. I am extremely allergic to bug bites. I am so happy I found this place to be able to order them as, I can no longer drive and we don't have many stores here. None that I found that carry them but, I'm mostly home bound. I will leave the reviews for mice to others but, for insects I give it a 5 star. Since, I can't tolerate insecticides, exterminator products etc Constant vacuuming and these glue traps and keeping my apt. clutter free, are my only alternatives and they do the job as, well as an exterminator. Also, I called the contact number for some info and the person I spoke to was very nice and also, helpful. Hope this helps.

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