Which cat cape best suits our Victor? The submissions are in. Cast your vote for the winner.
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Our Victor® needs a fang-tastic cape to wear while she goes about protecting her humans from pesky intruders. Follow these steps for a chance to win the Victor® Cat Cape Design Contest. May the popular vote be in your favor.

  1. Submission period has ended, but you can help decide the winner by voting for your favorite cat cape. Vote now through December 15.
  2. To win, your design will need the most votes. Voting period is open November 16 to December 15.
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Please read all of the Victor® Games contest rules here.

Victor® Games: Cats vs Mice

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5 Pawsome Cats in the Victor® Games


Lindsay is this year's Victor! Her mother, Blackie Chan, taught her how to catch mice. Sometimes however, it's not that nice. Especially when she leaves them in front of the door as if to say - Look what I got. She loves to be petted, but will not sit still, she just keeps rubbing and flipping over, but purrs the entire time. The only cat I know that likes to have her belly rubbed, just like a dog.


Ronald, Lizzy’s owner, named her Lizard because her legs were short, and she walked close to the ground. In time her name was shortened to Lizzy. Ronald swears when he would go outside at night she would try to cause him to fall. She was always walking in front of him or between his legs. He’d bend down to pick her up and she would fall flat to the ground. Like she was trying to hide. As soon as you picked her up the loud high pitch purring would start. She proved to be a successful hunter of mice, grasshoppers, and spiders.

Buffy and Spike

Their owner thinks they are brother and sister but the vet says they are both males. The cats are currently being fostered while their Mom is deployed in the Republic of Djibouti with the armed forces. They are very smart and work together to solve a problem. Their foster parent saw one holding on to the treat bag so it would not scoot away while the other tried to open it! The cats' mom will be getting married in August when her service is over, the third place prize money from the Victor® Games will be her wedding gift from the cats.



Quartet the fourth cat our family got so he made the cat crew a "quartet"-- he also meows a lot so he is the one who "sings" the most out of the group. We adopted Quartet when he was only a few months old and he always loved to play and hunt. He "trained" for mouse hunting by attacking almost anything that moved--especially human feet when they were hidden under blankets!

Adam and Elijah

These two guys are foster kittens from a hoarder’s house that had 170 plus cats. They had to learn to fight! Now they enjoy the good life, but still enjoy sparring with each other and I'm sure they could take on any rodents you might throw at them!

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