Victor donates traps to US troops

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Ratting out the Enemy: Victor® Rodent Secures the Premises for U.S. Soldiers Fighting off Rats
Rodent Control Company Makes Ongoing Mouse and Rat Trap Donations to Troops Overseas

Lititz, PA— Nov. 15, 2012 — When Sgt. Alex Kramer was deployed in January for his second tour in Afghanistan, he didn't expect his invaders to have whiskers. Tearing up his combat zone and personal gear, infantries of rats and mice soon became his enemy. As is the case in many U.S. military bases in the Middle East, plagues of rodents have diminished the quality of life for soldiers abroad and raised a serious need for rat and mouse traps.

Woodstream Corporation, parent company of rodent control leader, Victor®, recognizes that the troops have more important tasks at hand than fighting off rodents. Since the first Gulf War, the company has been a proud ally in the battle against rodents where U.S. armed forces work and serve by making cases of Victor rat and mouse traps available for donation to active troops.

"We weren't prepared to deal with mice and rat infestations, which only add to the stress of living here in Afghanistan," says Kramer. "When my mom heard that Victor was donating mouse and rat traps to active troops, she contacted them and requested traps be shipped to me. The traps have made a big difference in our everyday living, and I hope the word about this program spreads to other troops."

To make its donations, Victor needs the help of consumers and friends or family of military personnel on active duty in combat zones. Each time a consumer purchases an electronic mouse trap at, Victor sets aside a case of 72 wooden snap mousetraps or 12 wooden snap rat traps for donation.

"We currently have a significant supply of traps available for donation," Victor spokeswoman Andrea Vogel stated. "Victor encourages military personnel and their friends and families to visit Victor's website and request traps if they have the need. It's a tangible way to help our troops."

"Support of the U.S. armed forces is a fundamental value of Victor. The company helped the war effort in World War II and has continued to do so ever since," says Vogel. "We also support our U.S. veterans with our Victor Values Veterans program by donating $ .25 for every new Victor Facebook fan."

The Victor Values Veterans Facebook donations go to Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit re-employment organization. By providing resources, training and support, this organization helps veterans find jobs upon returning home from military service.

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