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Rat Zapper Rat Tale

model #: RZRT001W
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The Rat Tale remote indicator light flashes up to 20 days when the Rat Zapper Trap has a kill. read full product details »  
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Rat Zapper Rat Tale

Let's face it: killing rats probably isn't one of your favorite things to do, but eliminating rats with the Rat Zapper Ultra and the Rat Zapper Classic is safe and easy, especially after accessorizing your trap with the Rat Zapper Rat Tale. The highly effective Rat Tale Remote Indicator Light flashes for up to 20 days to notify you of a kill.


How to Use:

Rat Tale How To Use

    1. Simply plug the Rat Tale into the jack on top of the Rat Zapper as shown.
    2. Place bait against the back wall of the Rat Zapper. Be sure to use gloves or a tool to bait so your scent is not transferred onto the trap. We've carefully researched dry pet food and found it an excellent lure. Other dried baits (nuts, dehydrated fruit, etc.) also work well.
    3. Place the Rat Zapper in those tight spaces and hard-to-reach places where you have seen signs of rodent activity.
    4. Position the Rat Tale up to 12-feet away from the trap where it can easily be seen.
    5. When the red LED eyes blink, empty the trap with a no-touch, no-view disposal.
    6. To reset, turn the power switch to the OFF position, wait a moment, and then turn the power switch back to the ON position.

As you know, rodents frequent tight, hard –to-reach spaces like attics, basements, and garages, squeezing, sneaking and traveling behind things to avoid detection. Accessing those places to check your traps can be difficult, time-consuming and just a pain, which is why we created the Rat Tale Remote Indicator Light.

The Rat Tale is equipped with a thin, flexible 12-foot long extension cord allowing for easy placement in those tight spaces and hard-to-reach places. Position the Rat Tale where it can easily be seen. Each time the Rat Zapper has killed a rat, the Rat Tale’s red LED eyes will blink to indicate another kill! The trap works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Please Note: Rats are wary critters and they'll initially avoid anything new in their environment. The good news is we're smarter than they are! It may take a few days or nights for the first rat to enter your trap so be patient.


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Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
$150  $99.98 Sale
Kills 20 Rats per Set of Batteries
$120  $79.98 Sale