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Victor Rat Control - Outdoors

Outdoor Rat Control

See our selection of outdoor rat control products, including rat traps, glue traps, humane traps, rat poisons and more! How to kill rats outside just got easier with a little
help from Victor®.


How to Kill Rats Outside with Traps

How to kill rats outside doesn't have to be difficult. When you choose any of Victor®'s rat traps, how to kill rats outside is as simple as following the directions on the trap's package. Victor® has many rat traps and vermin traps that can help you solve your rodent problems. One of our most effective traps is the Victor® Power Kill Rat Trap. This easy-to-use trap can quickly knock down the rat population in your yard. Our Victor® Easy Set® Rat Traps are pre-baited with a scented plastic, Swiss cheese trip pedal, so you never have to worry about losing your bait. When you want to solve your rodent problems quickly and effectively, Victor® can teach you how to kill rats outside fast with our expert traps.


How to Kill Rats Outside with Rat Poisons

Have rats taken over your backyard? Get rid of them by using our rat poison in bait stations. Learning how to kill rats outside with poisons is easy. Place our block rodenticides in the bait station and locate within 50 ft of the building where rats feed and forage. Rats are drawn to poisons and will nibble on them. Rat poisons kill rats fast, usually in 1 to 2 days, or in some cases, within a matter of hours. Buy our rat poisons in bulk and save a bundle on rodent control. Killing rats outside is truly easy with our fast-acting poisons.


Killing rats outside is easy with the help of Victor®, the experts in rodent control.

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Catches Rats and Mice
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Original, Made in the USA
Pre-Baited, No Bait Required
High-Impact Kill Bar™
Catches Rats and Mice
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Catches Rats and Mice
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