Ridding your business or home of rats humanely and safely is easier than ever before. Embodying the future of rodent control, the Victor® Kill-@lert Remote Notification System uses advanced wireless technology to alert owners when their traps have killed a rat. You’ll never have to check in on your traps thanks to this revolutionary system. Our Kill-@lert Remote Notification Systems can be managed and monitored from any location, no matter where you are in the world!

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Victor® Kill-@lert Systems are at the Forefront of Innovation in Rat Control

These electronic mouse trap systems are a revolution for rat control. By using wireless technology, Victor® Kill-@lert systems allow you to monitor your traps no matter where you are. Once a kill has been made, you will receive an automatic message on your mobile device. You’ll never have to waste time checking traps again. In addition, the user-friendly control center allows you to monitor your traps from any device with online access. From here, the Kill-@lert system allows you to track the number of kills within a certain time period, as well as other applicable performance data.


Victor® Kill-@lert Systems are Easy to Monitor and Operate

These effective electronic rat traps will quickly and humanely target the rodent problem in your home or business. Victor® Kill-@lert rat traps are easy to operate and maintain, enabling you to eliminate your rodent problem with little hassle to you. Simply bait your traps with food and place them along walls and in other high rodent traffic areas before activating.


When a rodent enters the electric rat trap to retrieve the bait, the Kill-@lert system will deliver a quick, high-voltage shock that will kill rats humanely. Best of all, this trap is designed so that you never have to see or come in direct contact with the remains. The convenient notification feature sends you an alert so you can empty it without having to personally check the traps.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Rat Traps are Effective and Long-Lasting

A single electronic rat trap has the power to eliminate a small rodent infestation with a single set of batteries. Kill-@lert electronic rat traps by Victor are reusable and long-lasting. Simply replace the batteries when alerted of a low power status to continue your rodent control efforts.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Rat Traps are Ideal for Use in Any Area of Your Home or Business

Electronic rat traps by Victor® are ideal for placement in garages, attics, kitchens, basements, sheds or anywhere in your home where a rodent problem exists. The device’s automatic deactivation feature disables the device whenever the lid is opened, so it won’t cause harm to children or pets, and is safe to use in any area of the home.