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Victor electronic mouse trap

Victor® Electronic Rat Traps

Highly effective with 100% quick kill rate. Easy to use, no setting or glue, electronic rat traps
help you control your rat problem fast.

Control Your Rat Problem Fast with Electronic Rat Traps
An electronic rat trap is one of the newest innovations in rodent control, exclusively from Victor®. This rat trap can quickly knock down the rodent population in your home or place of business. The electronic rat trap helps you control your rat problem fast and easy. Plus, you can use it indefinitely as a lifetime investment for powerful rodent control.


How to Control Your Rat Problem with Electronic Rat Traps

Controlling your rat problem just got easier with the electronic rat trap. Start by baiting the electronic rat trap, set it in place and turn it on for effortless rodent control. To find the best location for your electronic rat trap, analyze where you have seen evidence of rodent activity. Some signs of rodent activity include gnaw marks, nests, rub marks, urine odor and droppings. Once you find this location, place the electronic rat trap against the wall in this area where rats are traveling. A properly placed trap can help you get control of your rat problem faster by maximizing your trapping abilities.


Rats will enter the trap naturally as they travel. Once it enters the trap, there is no chance for escape. Using advanced smart circuit technology, this trap senses the rodent, shocks it and kills it within seconds. When the green light illuminates on your trap, you have a dead rat ready for removal. With electronic rat traps you never have to see or touch the dead rat, making this an ideal way to control your rat problem.


An electronic rat trap from Victor® can help you control your rat problem fast.

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Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
$150  $99.98 Sale
Kills 50 Rats per Set of Batteries
$135  $89.98 Sale
Kills 20 Rats per Set of Batteries
$120  $79.98 Sale
Kills 20 Rats per Set of Batteries
Remote Indicator Light
(not rated)
Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
Battery Pack
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