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Rat Control, Victor® Electronic Rat Trap and Power Kill Rat Trap Bundle, B144240

Victor® Electronic Rat Trap and Power Kill Rat Trap Bundle

model #: B144240
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Clean, quick, and easy trapping of rats. This highly effective combination of our very economical electronic trap and our expanded trigger snap trap will help you control your rat problem. read full product details »  
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Victor® Electronic Rat Trap and Power Kill Rat Trap Bundle


Why exhaust yourself trying to get rid of your rat problem with solutions that just don't work?  Our Rat Trap Bundle is an extremely effective, powerful combination of our electronic rat trap and our rat snap trap that will help you take control of your rat problems!


The Victor® Power Kill Rat Trap:

The latest innovation in rat traps, the Victor® Power Kill Rat Trap is set and released with one simple “click”. This one-step open and close mechanism also makes it easy to cleanly dispose of the rodent with no hand contact.


The trap was design with a large trough, for easy baiting with any of their favorite foods.  The Power Kill’s oversized pedal is easily activated – both by rodent interest in food AND through accidental contact as rats scamper across the floor – to ensure maximum trapping. Once a rodent triggers the pedal, the powerful jaw immediately springs closed for a quick, humane kill on contact.

The clean-trapping Victor® Power Kill Rat Trap delivers effective and immediate rat control - even in hard to reach places.  Each powerful rat trap features two holes on the back for attachment to pipes, beams and other hard-to-access places where rats thrive.


Made of highly durable plastic, each rat trap is safe for use around food, water, animals and children and can be reused multiple times to maximize rat control. Victor® Power Kill Rat Traps are the perfect for use anywhere in the home. These rat traps should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals.



The Victor® Electronic Rat Trap:

Known for the most innovative rodent control products on the market, Victor® presents the Electronic Rat Trap – the only rat trap with a patented 3-plate design to prevent escapes.


Easy to use, the trap is simply baited, placed against the wall and turned on.  The trap uses advanced smart circuit technology to sense when a rodent enters the units. Once the rodent is inside, the system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock to effectively kill the rat or mouse in seconds.



A green indicator light illuminates when a rat has been exterminated and is ready for removal. Rodents can then be dumped directly into the trash for no-touch, no-view mouse control.


Since rats have the ability to restart their hearts after an electrical shock, the Victor® Electronic Rat Trap applies shock for 2 minutes ensuring high kill rates. Additionally, the Victor® Electronic Rat Trap is the only trap that automatically resets after an irregular escape.


Safe for use anywhere in the home, the Victor® Electronic Rat Trap is ideal for Attics, Garages, Basements, Sheds, and Kitchens.


A lifetime investment, the Electronic Rat Trap is easy to clean and can be reused indefinitely. For effective rat control, one set of 4 ‘C’ batteries will eliminate up to 50 rats, and a red light indicates when batteries need replacing.



Victor® - Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years.


Combo Rat Control Kit
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2 Rat Traps
1 PestChaser®