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Victor® Fast-Kill® Disposable Bait Stations

model #: M912

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Made in the U.S.A.   


  • Ideal for quick, knock down of rodent populations
  • Easy-to-use – simply place near sign of rodent activity
  • High-quality bait made with bakery grade ingredients
  • Lowest risk of secondary poisoning
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Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Disposable Bait Stations



bait station

VICTOR® Fast-Kill® Brand Disposable Bait Stations are are pre-filled with a single-feed non-anticoagulant rodenticide. 


With Fast-Kill® brand unique formulation, rodents will stop feeding after eating a lethal dose. This allows you to control more rodents with less bait! 


Made in the USA, Fast-Kill® brand baits use the highest quality, bakery grade ingredients that rodents find irresistible. Some of these premium ingredients, such as oats, have been left whole to further entice rodents by appealing to their desire to gnaw.


Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Bait Stations are so easy to use, simply place the pre-filled disposable bait station near signs of rodent activity. Your hands never come in contact with the poison.  Rodents will enter the bait station and chew the bait block. These ready to use bait stations are perfect mouse control.



Victor® - Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years.


Victor® Fast Kill® Rodenticides - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there risk for poisoning children/pets?

The bait station provided is not tamper-resistant. Always place the station indoors only and in areas inaccessible to children and pets as a precaution to avoid accidental poisoning. This product is not recommended for outdoor use.

Q: Where does the mouse die?/How will I know if the mouse died?

Poisoned rodents may die anywhere, including in some very inconvenient areas. There is no evidence that rodents exit the building and die outside. Most times, the rodent will die quietly somewhere in the home and most often, poisoned rodents succumb in their nests. This should not pose an odor problem unless near a heat source or you have a large population of mice. You will know the mouse problem is gone when you no longer see new droppings or other signs of rodent activity.

Q: Where should the bait station be placed?
A: Place the bait station where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. The end of the trap with the entrance hole should be placed nearest the wall. Be sure to place the station in an area that is inaccessible to children and pets. An instruction sheet and video are available that will give detailed step-by-step instructions on how and where to place the Victor® Fast-Kill Brand Disposable Bait Station.

Q: Where can I buy this product?

The Fast-Kill Rodenticide can be bought at multiple retail locations and online at victorpest.com. To find a store near you, please use our store locator. Click to access the Store Locator.


Kills up to 3 Mice without Resetting