Eliminating mice humanely and safely has never been simpler. Representing the future in rodent control, the new Victor® Kill-@lert Remote Notification System employs wireless technology to notify owners when the traps have killed a mouse. This revolutionary system will save you time by never having to check your traps.

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Victor® Kill-@lert Systems are at the Forefront of Innovation in Mouse Control

Our Kill-@lert Remote Notification Systems can be managed and monitored from anywhere in the world. There has never been an easier or more convenient way to eliminate mice from your home or business. These electronic mouse trap systems are a revolution in mouse control. By using wireless technology, Victor®’s Kill-@lert systems allow you to monitor your traps no matter where you are. Once a kill has been made, you will receive an automatic message on your mobile device. You’ll never have to waste time checking traps again. In addition, the user-friendly control center allows you to monitor your traps from any device with online access. From here, the Kill-@lert system allows you to track the number of kills within a certain time period, as well as other applicable performance data.


Victor® Kill-@lert Systems are Easy to Use

These highly effective electronic mouse traps are able to quickly and humanely get rid of mice in your home or business. Victor® Kill-@lert remote notification electronic mouse traps are easy to use, helping to eliminate your mouse problem with as little trouble as possible. Simply bait them with food and place the traps in high rodent traffic spaces before turning them on.


When a pest comes inside the electric mouse trap to retrieve the bait, the Kill-@lert system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock that the mouse cannot survive. A notification alerts you when mice are trapped, so you can empty it without ever having to see or touch the remains.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Mouse Traps Offer Effective, Long-Lasting Rodent Control

Just one electronic mouse trap has the power to eliminate a small rodent infestation in no time at all. Kill-@lert electronic mouse traps by Victor® catch up to 100 mice with a single set of four AA batteries. Kill-@lert electronic mouse traps by Victor® are reusable and long-lasting. Simply replace the batteries when you receive a low power alert to continue your rodent control efforts.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Mouse Traps are Suited for Any Area of Your Home or Business

Electronic mouse traps by Victor® are ideal for garages, attics, kitchens, basements, sheds or anywhere in your home. Thanks to automatic deactivation whenever the lid is opened, electronic mouse traps won’t harm children or pets, and are safe to use in any area of the home.