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Victor rodent control - mouse control

Indoor Mouse Control

See our selection of home mouse control products, including mouse traps and glue traps,

humane  traps, rodent poisons and more!


Why Home Rodent Control is Important
In your house, rodent control is imperative. The unwelcome rodents in your house could be harboring diseases. Since these dangerous pests eat where you eat and sleep where you sleep, you are susceptible to their dangers. The mice in your house and their disease-carrying parasites can give the pets and persons in your home Lyme disease, typhus, salmonella or other dangerous diseases. Some symptoms caused by these diseases include skin lesions, intestinal disorders, renal failure, fever, circulatory attacks, respiratory problems and even death. Protect your family from the diseases spread by rodents with effective home rodent control products from Victor®.


Protect Your House with Rodent Control from Victor®

If you have a rodent problem in your home, rodent control from Victor® is the solution. We offer an entire line of rodent traps and poisons. Find the products that work best for your house. Rodents don’t stand a chance against the power of Victor® products!


Tips for Using House Pest Control

To maximize your trapping abilities with our house pest control products, follow these simple steps. First, analyze your property. Look for signs of rodent activitysuch as gnaw marks, nests, rub marks, urine odor and droppings. These are the best places to place traps, since rodents are traveling along these paths in search of food and water. Be sure to set multiple traps on the first night, placing traps in double sets to capture rodents that try to jump over traps. Wear rubber gloves when placing traps, since human odors can deter rodents. Also, always wear rubber gloves when disposing of dead mice to protect yourself from the diseases rodents carry.


An electronic mouse trap from Victor® can help you control your mouse problem fast.

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Kills 3 Mice Without Resetting
$51  $30.58 Sale
High-Impact Kill Bar™
$27  $16.16 Sale
Quick-Set, Quick-Release
$21  $12.56 Sale
Catches 30 Mice Per Setting
Features Precision Strike Technology™
$30  $17.96 Sale
No-See, No-Touch Tunnel Design
Kills 3 Mice without Resetting
No-touch, No-see, No-mess Design
Catches Mice, Insects and Small Snakes
Catches 4 Mice Per Setting
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