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Victor® Hold-Fast® Mouse Glue Tray

model #: BM772-12

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Rodent control. Non-toxic mouse glue tray helps you control the mice and other pests so they don't control your home! Non-toxic, easy-to-use mouse glue tray is pre-baited for convenient mouse control. 48 traps. read full product details »
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Victor® Mouse Hold-Fast® Glue Tray


FREE SHIPPING on this item!


Non-toxic, easy-to-use mouse glue tray is pre-baited for convenient mouse control.


Using a sticky surface to catch unwanted pests, pre-baited Victor® mouse glue trays provide effective, rodent control with no setting or baiting. Easy to use: simply separate the glue trays and position them along the walls in areas of rodent activity.


For easy rodent control, the mouse trap’s large capture surface ensures quick trapping of rodents, insects and spiders. Once the rodent is trapped, Victor®’s proprietary non-toxic glue provides a super-hold formula proven to securely contain even heavy mice.


To use catch and release mouse control, the live rodent can be removed from the tray with the use of vegetable oil and set free outside of the home. The disposable glue trays are safe for use around food, water, children and pets. Made in USA.



Victor® - Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years.


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