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Sweeney’s® Deadset® Mole Trap

model #: S9015

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  • Easy-to-set precision built trap
  • Triggered by slightest underground movement
  • Ergonomically designed, easy grasp handle
  • Spears are located below the ground surface, safely away from children and pets
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Sweeney’s® Deadset® Mole Traps



Deadset Mole Trap

Trapping moles has never been easier, thanks to the sleek, ergonomically designed Deadset® Mole Trap. If you’ve ever struggled to set a mole trap, you will undoubtedly appreciate how effortless it is to activate this yard mole trap. The Deadset® features a comfortable, easy grasp handle and an oversized activator plate that can be pushed into the tunnel by hand or foot.


The rugged ground mole trap contains a patented, precision built triggering system that is activated by the slightest movement. When underground movement is detected, the spears are thrust into the ground, quickly killing the mole. A mole trap that works this efficiently and effectively takes trapping moles to an entirely new level.


The Deadset® Mole Trap comes fully assembled and ready-to-use. The package contains simple illustrated operating instructions and a mobile device scan for detailed step-by-step video instructions.


View video for tips on how to easily and effectively get rid of moles with Sweeney’s® Deadset® Mole Trap:



Watch the Video!



Effective tips to help win the war on moles

Before setting the trap, water the lawn to bring the mole's food source (earthworms and bugs) up near the ground surface. The next step is to locate active tunnels. Flatten tunnels by walking on them and then wait a day. If the tunnel rises up, it's active. This is where the trap should be placed.

When setting a plunge-style mole trap, make sure the spears can move freely through the ground when the trap is triggered. Test the Deadset® by pulling up on the handle to set the trap and then pushing down on the trap release lever located on the side of the trap. This will drive the spears into the gorund. Raise and lower the trap until the spears are unobstructed by roots or rocks. Always use the release lever to trip the trap before moving it to another location.



Sweeney's - Every Weapon You Need to Protect Your Lawn!

Traps Poisons Granular & Spray Repellents Sonic Spike Repellents
Mode of Action Kills; Spears or pinches the mole or gopher Kills; Poisons the mole or gopher Repels; Castor oil contaminates the tunnel and the mole or gopher's food source Repels; Sonic pulses repel the mole and gopher
Ease-of-Use Moderate Easy Easy Easy
Usage Instructions Locate active tunnel, place and set trap Locate active tunnel, place bait in tunnel Locate active area, spray/shake directly from container, water-in with hose Locate active tunnel, place spike near tunnel
Safety Information No chemicals or poisons, use with caution around children and pets Do not use around children and pets No chemicals or poisons, safe to use around children and pets No chemicals or poisons, safe to use around children and pets
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Sweeney’s® - Every Weapon You Need.

All About...

learn about mole and mole trap



Moles are helpful in that they remove damaging insects and grubs

from lawns and gardens.  Unfortunately, however, their burrowing habits can destroy grass, gardens and flower beds and tear up tree roots.


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