Anyone who has ever encountered flies knows how annoying they can be. This feeling is only amplified when flies enter your home. Flies in and around your home or business can do more harm than you may realize! Not only are they irritating and invasive, but they may harbor harmful diseases that could be transmitted to you and your family. Wipe out flies in next to no time with insect control products from Victor® - the trusted name in pest control for over 115 years.

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Victor® Offers a Wide Selection of Fly Control Products to Suit Your Needs

Are you sick of flying pests invading your home or business? Take back your property with our highly effective fly control products! Here at Victor®, we know just how worrisome a fly problem can be. Flies cause disruption to your outdoor gatherings and potentially expose you and your family to disease. To help prevent these problems before they can gain a foothold in your home or business, we have a wide selection of baits, poisons, traps and ribbons to suit your precise fly control needs. The availability of both reusable and disposable flying insect control products allows you to handle an on-going infestation or a quick, one-time pest removal.


Victor® Fly Control Products are Incredibly Easy to Use

At Victor®, we strive to design products that are as user-friendly as they are effective. Each fly control product from Victor® comes ready to use and includes easy-to-follow instructions to ensure success. In a few simple steps, you will be on your way to eliminating the fly problem in and around your home or business for good.


Fly Control Products from Victor® are Available for Use Both In and Out of Doors

While it may be easy to associate fly problems with yards and other outdoor areas, flies can also be commonly found invading the inside of your home or business. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with both indoor and outdoor options from Victor®. We offer products that are suitable for each situation, so you can take care of your problem no matter where it exists.


To get rid of other intrusive pests in your home or business, be sure to check out our selection of flea, stink bug and wasp & hornet control products from Victor®.