Crawling Insects

Flying insects aren’t the only creepy-crawlers that may be invading your home. Crawling insects, such as fleas and stink bugs, can be just as irritating and destructive as their flying, buzzing kin. In addition, crawling insects have the ability to conceal themselves in the nooks and crannies of your home, making it extremely difficult to locate and eliminate them. At Victor®, we offer a wide selection of pest control products to draw these crawling invaders out of their hiding spaces so you can get rid of them for good.

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Victor® Crawling Insect Control Products are Easy to Use

Just as flying pests do, crawling insects can wreak havoc as they hide themselves in all of the crack and crevices of your home and sometimes on your pets. Are you looking for a way to get rid of these creeping crawling pests around your home or business without having to use chemicals? Look no further than Victor® flea and stink bug traps! Our traps allow you to monitor and control your infestation like never before. Simply follow the usage directions on the packaging and then place the trap on the floor in areas of insect activity to begin eliminating pests today!


Victor® Crawling Insect Control Products are Innovative and Effective

Victor® crawling insect traps work by using a varying combination of heat, light, colors and pheromone lures to draw pests out of their hiding spaces. They are designed to imitate the conditions that appeal to common crawling pests so they won’t be able to resist entering the trap. Simply throw away disposable trap elements as they become full or lose their freshness. Then refill or replace to continue the fight against insects.


Victor® Crawling Insect Control Products are Suitable for Use Anywhere in Your Home or Business

Don’t have a major infestation? Don’t let that stop you. Victor® traps are also great for use as a preventative measure so you can stop an infestation before it has a chance to begin! This is a great first line of defense during the warmer months when your home or business is most vulnerable to certain crawling pests such as fleas and stink bugs.


Do you have more than one pest problem? Be sure to check out our flying insect control products to eliminate winged pests as quickly and effectively as the crawling ones.