Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are commonly found feeding on a wide variety of host plants. However, they are also known to show up inside homes, alarming and distressing homeowners in the process. In an effort to get rid of stink bugs, many people have the natural reaction to squash them, and quickly find out how these bugs got their name. Once inside your home or business, stink bugs make their way into the cracks and crevices of your property to hide. Eliminate these pests for good with stink bug control products from Victor®, the trusted name in pest control.

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Victor® Stink Bug Control Products are Easy to Use

Do you want to get rid of your stink bug infestation without the use of harmful chemicals? With stink bug traps from Victor®, you can fully monitor and control your insect infestation with ease and efficiency. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging and the place the trap on the floor in areas of high insect activity.


Victor® Stink Bug Control Products are Innovative and Effective

Victor® stink bug traps work by using varying combinations of heat, light and powerful pheromone lures to draw stink bugs out of their hiding spaces around your home. The stink bugs and other crawling insects just won’t be able to resist! Once they enter the enticing trap, these insect invaders are unable to escape. Simply throw away disposable glue discs and traps as they become full, refilling as necessary to continue your defense against stink bugs. In addition, our Ultimate Stink Bug Trap is conveniently reusable to provide you with a lifetime of electronic bug control.


Victor® Stink Bug Control Products are Suitable for Use Anywhere in Your Home or Business

Even if you don’t have a major infestation, our traps operate well as a preventative measure during stink bug season by providing a first line of defense. These traps can help you catch new batches of stink bugs and crawling insects before they are able to reproduce! For your convenience and peace of mind, Victor® Ultimate Stink Bug Traps are odorless and non-poisonous, allowing you to use them anywhere in your home or business where an insect problem exists.


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