Flea Control Products

Just like rodents, fleas can live just about anywhere in and around your home. In addition to feasting on pets and sometimes family members, fleas can infest upholstery and even carpets. Boasting a 93% catch rate, our Ultimate Flea Traps will help keep these pests out of your home and away from your pets. Check out our selection of highly effective, fast-acting flea control products to start taking care of your pest problem today!

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Victor® Flea Control Products are Easy to Use

Looking for a way to eliminate your flea problem, but don’t want to spray chemicals on your pets or around your home or business? You’ve come to the right place! With Ultimate Flea Traps from Victor®, you can monitor and control your flea infestation with ease and efficiency. To use, simply follow the instructions on the package to insert the provided bulb and glue disc. Place the trap on the floor in areas of high flea activity – this is generally wherever your pet spends the most time. Then plug the trap in to begin catching fleas!


Victor® Flea Repellent and Control Products are Innovative and Effective

Victor® Ultimate Flea Traps work by imitating the conditions of a warm-blooded host to draw fleas out of their hiding spaces on pets, carpets and upholstery from up to 30 feet away. By combining the heat of the light bulb and the trap’s color, fleas won’t be able to resist! Once they enter the enticing trap, fleas stick to the large glue disc and are unable to escape.


The number of fleas caught in any given week may vary due to the size of your infestation and the population of fleas within a specific life cycle. Best of all, this trap is reusable to provide a lifetime of flea control. Because fresh discs are most effective, be sure to change the glue disc every 2 to 4 weeks, regardless of how many fleas you’ve caught.


Victor® Flea Control Products are Ideal for Use Anywhere in Your Home or Business

For your convenience and peace of mind, Victor® Ultimate Flea Traps are odorless and non-poisonous, so you can use them anywhere in your home or business where a flea problem persists. Even if you don’t have a major infestation, our traps are a perfect preventative measure. These traps can help you catch new batches of fleas before they have a chance to reproduce!


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