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Indoor Commercial Rat Control

See our selection of indoor rat control products, including rat traps, humane traps, rat poisons
and more! Buy in bulk and save money!


Office Rodent Control Options
Looking for the best way to get rid of rats in your office? Victor® offers many office rodent control options. These multi-packs give you the power to rid your office of rats once and for all. One office rodent control method is the Victor® Sonic PestChaser® that repels rodents with sonic sound waves. Our electronic rat traps can be reused indefinitely to offer powerful rodent control while our rat glue boards likewise securely contain rats. Other office rodent control methods include our Easy-Set® Rat Traps offering clean, quick trapping of mice and the Victor® Power Kill rat trap that cleanly disposes of the rodent with no hand contact. Whichever office rodent control method you choose, you can be sure you will have a powerful weapon on your side in your war against rodents. Quickly knock down the rodent population in your office with rodent control from Victor®.


Why You Need Office Rodent Control

Businesses have been fighting the war against rodents for centuries. Dangerous rodents and their disease-carrying pests pose a health risk to the people at your place of business. Some of the diseases spread by rodents include Lyme disease, typhus and salmonella. What’s more, rats tend to chew on wires, causing fires and electrical damage, contaminate food and leave droppings where they travel. Effective office rodent control is necessary in order to protect your establishment from these dangerous pests. Victor® offers many powerful office rodent control solutions to help you eradicate rats. Buy your rodent control in bulk and save money. These multi-packs give you everything you need to quickly solve your rat problems.


An electronic rat trap from Victor® can help you control your rat problem fast.

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Kills 60 Rats per Set of Batteries
$400  $239.95 Sale
Kills 50 Rats per Set of Batteries
$360  $215.95 Sale
Repels Rodents - Ultimate Coverage
$250  $149.97 Sale
Repels Rodents - Maximum Coverage
$200  $119.97 Sale
Kills 20 Rats per set of batteries
$320  $191.95 Sale
Original, Made in the USA
$90  $59.76 Sale
Pre-Baited, No Bait Required
$538  $322.92 Sale
Large, Strong-Holding Capture Surface
High-Impact Kill Bar™
$54  $32.33 Sale
Pre-Baited, No Bait Required
$108  $71.76 Sale
Original, Made in the USA
$448  $268.92 Sale
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