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Victor rat control, rat trap & rat bait

Rat Control Solutions For Your Small Business

Save money on commercial rat traps while controlling disease-carrying rats with Victor®, the specialists in rodent control.


A Rat Trap for Commercial Use
Victor® offers a wide selection of rodent control methods than can assist you in your war against rodents. A commercial rat trap is ideal for use in office buildings, medical centers, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and rental properties. If a rat has been sighted on your property, then you need to take control before your problem turns into a full-blown rodent infestation. Besides a visual sighting, other signs of a rodent activity include droppings, gnaw marks and urine odors. A rat trap for commercial use is an excellent way to get rid of rodents.


No matter where your commercial property is located, a rat is native to that area. Rental properties and restaurants need to have systems in place for controlling rats before an infestation has the chance to destroy that business. Victor® offers our commercial rat traps in bulk to save you money on your rodent control. These bundles are perfect for quickly knocking down rodent populations. We offer a variety of commercial rat traps, including snap rat traps, electronic rat traps, rat glue boards, power kill traps and more.


Commercial Rat Traps Offer Protection

Rats can do considerable damage within businesses, as well as to the people and pets within. Rats and the parasites traveling on them can be carriers of disease. These diseases can be transmitted to the people and petswithin the establishments. A rat’s bodily fluids, urine and disease-carrying parasites put humans and pets at risk for diseases including Lyme disease, salmonella, Hantavirus and rat-bite fever. Taking control of your rodent problem with commercial rat traps offers protection against these dangerous creatures.


An electronic rat trap from Victor® can help you control your rat problem fast.

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Kills 50 Rats per Set of Batteries
$360  $215.95 Sale
Pre-Baited, No Bait Required
$538  $322.92 Sale
Original, Made in the USA
$448  $268.92 Sale
Original, Made in the USA
$90  $59.76 Sale
High-Impact Kill Bar™
$54  $32.33 Sale
Large, Strong-Holding Capture Surface
Pre-Baited, No Bait Required
$108  $71.76 Sale
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