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Victor Kill and Seal mouse trap

Victor® Kill & Seal Hygienic Mouse Traps

These hygienic mouse traps kill the mouse quickly while sealing-in disease-carrying parasites

that may transmit Lyme disease and more.  Buy in bulk and save!


Buy Hygienic Mouse Traps in Bulk & Save Money
If you are fighting a rodent infestation in your home, then buy our hygienic mouse traps in bulk to save money, while protecting your family and pets from the diseases spread by rodents. This 12-pack gives you plenty of trapping power. The mice in your home won’t stand a chance of escape from these clean mouse traps.


Why Are These Clean Mouse Traps?

As the world’s first hygienic mouse traps, Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Traps protect you from the dangers of mice. Traditional mouse traps don’t contain the mice once it’s caught. But these clean mouse traps seal in the mice along with their disease-carrying parasites, urine, feces and blood. These hygienic mouse traps are safe to use around your children and pets. By sealing the mouse within the trap, you don’t have to worry about the diseases spreading to your pets, your children or family. These clean mouse traps seal in mouse contaminants and odor. Use them in any room in your home or business to get rid of rodents safely and sanitarily.


Why You’ll Love Our Hygienic Mouse Traps

The best part about hygienic mouse traps is that you never have to touch or see a dead mouse again. Once a mouse is caught, the door of the trap seals in the mouse – all you have to do is throw away the trap. For effortless rodent control, use our clean mouse traps to take care of your rodent problem safely and effectively.



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100% Clean and Safe
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