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Victor® TIN CAT® Complete Mouse Trap Kit

model #: BM30809KIT

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  • Includes 3 Tin Cat® mouse traps with transparent lids and 72 glue boards
  • Glue Boards hold mice on contact
  • Transparent lid for easy viewing
  • Catches up to 30 mice per setting
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Victor® TIN CAT® Complete Mouse Trap Kit


This highly effective combination of our Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window and our Victor® Glue Board can help you control mice before they spread their diseases!



Kit includes:

3 Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Traps with Windows

72 Victor® Glue Boards



Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window, 3-Pack


You can get rid of the mice on your premises without having to touch them or kill them - this live trap is the ideal solution for you! The window allows you to check the trap without opening it!


The Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window allows you to catch up to 30 mice and is reusable. Increase your catches and simplify service by using the pre-baited Victor® Glue Board which slides right into the Tin Cat® mouse trap.


This live trap can be used around food, water, children and pets.





Victor® Glue Board for the Tin Cat Mouse Trap, 72-Pack


The Victor® Glue Board slides right into the Victor® Tin Cat® Mouse Trap to help you in trapping those little rodents.  It also traps crawling insects including roaches, crickets and spiders.


It contains a release paper that protects the glue surface and is easily removed when ready to use. The tab locks to form a tent that hides trapped insects from direct view.


Safely and easily rid your home of those disease carrying pests!  



Victor® - Pest Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years


Bulk Mouse Glue Boards for Tin Cat®
$42  $25.49 Sale
Catches 30 Mice Per Setting
$33  $21.98 Sale