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Victor® Kill & Seal™ Hygienic Mouse Trap

model #: BM265-12

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  • World’s first hygienic mouse trap
  • Seals in dead mouse, parasites, fluids and odors
  • Recommended for use around children and pets
  • No-touch, no-see, no-cleanup experience
  • Disposable
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Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Trap, 12-Pack


The cleanest innovation in the history of rodent control, the Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Trap is the world's first hygienic mouse trap.  Mice carry harmful parasites such as fleas and ticks which may carry Lyme disease.  When a mouse dies, these parasites look for a new host such as another mouse, your pets, your kids or you!  The Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Trap seals in mouse contaminants and odor.


Traditional mouse traps kill the mouse but do not contain parasites and bodily fluids.  The Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Trap kills the mouse quickly and humanely while sealing in the disease-carrying parasites, urine, feces and blood.



Ideal for Use Around Kids and Pets

The Victor® Kill & Seal mouse trap can be used anywhere in the home and is safe for use around kids and pets.  It is the Clean & Safe way to rid your home of mice while protecting your family from nasty parasites and dangerous bodily fluids. The Victor® Kill & Seal hygienic mouse trap is the first of its kind.


No-Touch No-See No-Cleanup Design

The Victor® Kill & Seal mouse trap is incredibly easy to use.  Unscrew the bait sealing hatch, place a little bit of peanut butter inside the hatch and then screw the hatch back into the trap.  Push the red trap handle down to open the patented red fluid-tight door and set the internal kill bar.  Place the trap next to a wall with the red door closest to the wall.  For best results, place multiple traps at 2 to 3 foot intervals along walls in different areas of the home where rodents travel.


When a mouse and its disease-carrying parasites are caught, the red trap handle will move to the upward position and the red fluid-tight door will seal shut.  Simply throw away the one-time use disposable trap.  Do not push the red trap handle back down as parasites may then escape when the door opens.  By stopping parasites from spreading disease, you will give your family the kind of protection they deserve.


100% Kill Rate and 100% Seal Rate

The Victor® Kill & Seal mouse trap is the world’s first 100% hygienic mouse trap.  No mouse will escape, no parasites will escape and no fluids will leak from the trap.  With the Victor® Kill & Seal, you will never need to touch, see or clean up after a dead mouse again!



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