Commercial Kill-@lert

Eliminate rodents humanely and efficiently with electronic rodent control methods from Victor®. A
revolution in rodent control, Victor® Kill-@lert remote notification systems utilize wireless technology to
notify you when these traps have killed a mouse or rat. You’ll save time by never having to check your traps.
Monitor and manage your Kill-@lert Remote Notification System from anywhere in the world. There has
never been an easier or more convenient way to eradicate rodents from your property.

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Kill-@lert Employs the Latest in Pest Control Technology

Introducing the forefront of innovation in rat and mouse control, our electronic rodent traps utilize wireless technology to allow you to monitor your infestation no matter where you are. When a catch has been made, the remote notification system will send an automatic alert to your email or mobile device. It’s a revolution in rodent control. You’ll never have to waste your time checking traps again. From the online control center, you can monitor your catches and kill rates within a certain period, and access other important information as well!


Electronic Pest Control Methods are Effective and Easy to Use

Our highly effective electronic traps are able to quickly and humanely rid your property of all of its unwanted rodent invaders. Simply prepare them with your bait of choice such as peanut butter. Then place the traps along walls where you’ve spotted signs of high rodent traffic before activating them.


Like our other electronic traps, when a pest enters the electronic trap to retrieve the bait, the Kill-@lert system delivers a humane, high-voltage shock that eliminates the rodent immediately. An automatic notification alerts you when rodents are trapped, allowing you to empty it without ever having to see or touch the remains.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Traps are Available in Bulk

To offer effective rodent control at a competitive price, our unique electronic traps are available in bulk options. This provides you with the trapping power you need to eliminate an infestation in every room of your property. Plus, Kill-@lert electronic mouse traps by Victor® are reusable and long-lasting. Just replace the batteries as soon as you receive a low power alert to continue your rodent control efforts.


Victor® Kill-@lert Electronic Mouse Traps Can Be Used Anywhere

Thanks to automatic deactivation whenever the lid is opened, our electronic traps won’t harm children or pets, and are safe to use in any area when used as directed. The rodent killing power makes these traps perfect for use in homes, businesses, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and rental properties.