Commercial Rat Snap Traps

If you’ve been finding signs of rat activity in your home, business, or rental property, Victor® has just what you need. Our traditional snap traps will help you to eliminate the rats that are invading your property in a humane way. Each trap is designed to be fast-acting and user-friendly to minimize the hassle and frustration to you. Quickly and efficiently control disease-carrying rats with commercial snap rat traps from Victor®, the industry leaders in rodent control for over 115 years.
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A Time-Honored Tradition in Pest Control

Snap traps have been one of the leading methods in pest control for over a century. In fact, the design today does not differ much from the original snap traps. Still, snap traps remain one of the most popular methods of eradicating rats. That’s because of the simple reason that they work.


Snap Traps Are Easy to Use

Each of our snap traps includes easy-to-follow instructions for setting to allow for continuously successful catches. To use, just apply your bait of choice to the trap with a toothpick. Set the trap as directed, and then place it along walls where you spot signs of high rodent activity. Once a catch has been made, dispose of the rat and reset or discard the trap depending on your needs and preferences.


Bulk Snap Traps Provide Cost Effective Pest Control

For over 115 years, Victor® snap traps have been trusted by homeowners, business and wildlife control professionals to eradicate rats from all types of properties. Our simple, effective traps are constructed of sturdy, high quality materials. This ensures reusability so you can continue catching rats until your infestation has been eliminated. When you purchase snap traps in bulk, you receive optimum trapping power at an economical price.


Snap Traps Can Be Used Almost Anywhere

The simple trigger-style design of all Victor® snap traps helps to quickly and effectively eliminate rats without the use of harmful chemicals or poisons. Because of this, our bulk rat traps are ideal for use in households with children or pets when used as directed. You should still practice caution when placing these traps in areas that can be accessed easily.


For other humane rat control options, be sure to check out our commercial electronic rat traps and ultrasonic rat deterrents.