Commercial Electronic Rat Traps

Utilizing the latest innovation in pest control technology, commercial electronic rat traps will eliminate your invasion in no time. To get optimum trapping power at an economical price, Victor® offers our high-quality electronic traps in bulk! Our unique traps effectively eradicate your unwanted rodent guests by delivering a humane, high-voltage shock. In addition to all of the economic advantages, our advanced electronic rat traps ensure a no-touch, no-see disposal after each and every catch.
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    Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap - 8 Traps

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Electronic Rat Traps are Easy to Use

Victor® electronic rat traps are fast acting and user-friendly, allowing you to exterminate rats on your property with minimal frustration and hassle. Just prepare your traps with your preferred rat bait. Then simply place the traps along walls where you spot signs of high rodent activity, before activating them. When a rat enters a trap, it will receive a brief, high-voltage shock to exterminate it effectively. The trap’s built-in indicator light will inform you when a catch has been made, allowing you to empty it without ever having to see or touch the remains. You’ll never have to check inside your traps again!


Protect Your Property with Commercial Pest Control Options

It’s no secret that rats and other rodents can cause big trouble. These unwanted creatures and their disease-carrying pests can prove to be a health risk to both people and pets. They transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus and salmonella to people and animals in close proximity. In order to protect yourself, select one of our highly rated electronic rat traps to eliminate your rats, and your worries, in no time.


Victor® Commercial Electronic Rat Traps are Innovative, Effective and Long Lasting

At Victor®, we offer a variety of professional rat traps that can get rid of your mouse infestations, quickly and effectively. Our electronic rat traps are one of our highest rated, most innovative products. These electronic rat traps deliver a humane, high-voltage shock to exterminate rats in seconds. Victor® traps are reusable and long lasting – all you need to do is replace the batteries and you’ll get a lifetime of rodent control. Electronic rat traps can be used anywhere including homes, businesses, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and rental properties.


Buy in Bulk to Begin Saving Today

With commercial pest products from Victor®, you can get effective, long-lasting rodent control at a competitive price. In addition, our convenient bulk products provide you with the trapping power you need to tackle your infestations in multiple rooms. No mess, no fuss - just fast and effective rodent control!


For other convenient methods of pest control from Victor®, be sure to check out our classic snap traps and highly-rated ultrasonic repellents.