Commercial Rat Control

Commercial operations have special needs when it comes to dealing with rodent and rat infestations. Whether you’re looking for commercial rat traps for an industrial, restaurant, warehouse or office setting, Victor® has rodent control options for every situation. What’s best for you? Look at the options: Bulk snap and glue traps offer old-school reliability. Ultrasonic repellents will drive rodents away from your facility. Electronic traps help you avoid unsightly cleanups.
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    Victor® Power-Kill Rat Trap - 12 Traps
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    Victor® Rat Glue Board - 24 Traps
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    Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 180 Traps
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    Victor® Metal Pedal Rat Trap - 36 Traps

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Learn More About Rats and Rat Traps


Understanding the rodents infesting a structure is an important step toward getting rid of them. With that knowledge, you can use your traps more effectively and eliminate your problem in a short time. Take a look at these helpful articles from Victor® on getting rid of rats:


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