Commercial Live Mouse Traps

Remove mice from your home, business or rental property with live mouse traps from Victor®! If you want to get rid of mice inside your property, but you don’t want to kill them, live traps are the perfect solution. Victor® live mouse traps are the humane way to catch and release these persistent pests with little hassle to you. By buying in bulk, you get the trapping power you need to eliminate your infestation at a cost-effective price
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  • 12 TRAPS
    Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap with Window - 12 Traps
  • 12 TRAPS
    Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap - 12 Traps
    Victor® TIN CAT® Complete Mouse Trap Kit

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Live Mouse Trap From Victor® Offer Humane Rodent Control

Protect your business and home from the dangers of mice with live mouse traps from Victor®. Taking care of your rodent control problem should not be put off; solve it quickly before you put your family and pets at risk. Mice have the potential of carrying many diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus and salmonella. If you have mice in your home or business, Victor® has the best live mouse traps that can help you get rid of mice humanely. Our convenient traps allow you to catch and release mice without killing them or ever touching them.


Our Live Mouse Traps are Effective and Easy to Use

Rodent control has never been easier than with live mouse traps from Victor®. The unique design stops mice in their tracks. To use, simply bait your trap with peanut butter or other foods and place the trap. Choose an area where there are signs of rodent activity such as gnaw marks, nests, rub marks and droppings. When a catch is made, you are able to release the rodent back into its natural habitat without ever having to touch it. Releases are best done 5 miles away so that the mice are not able to find their way back.


What Makes This the Ideal Mouse Trap for Home and Business Use?

You can dispose of rodent invaders without killing or even having to come into direct contact with them. Our live mouse traps are reusable to offer you a lifetime of humane rodent control. Plus, this non-toxic form of rodent control is safe to use around food, water, children and pets when used as directed. With all of the great features, our convenient traps are perfect for use in homes, businesses, rental properties, and office buildings. Safely rid your home or office of disease-carrying pests with live mouse traps from Victor®.


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