Commercial Hygienic Mouse Traps

Even after over 115 years of research and innovation, we have never stopped trying to push the limits in pest control. Because of this tradition of excellence, Victor® now offers the world’s first hygienic mouse trap! It’s the cleanest innovation in the history of rodent control! These hygienic mouse traps kill the mouse quickly while sealing in unsanitary fluids and disease-carrying parasites that may transmit Lyme disease and more. Buy in bulk and save so you can start hygienically eliminating pests today!

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Why Are Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Traps Clean Mouse Traps?

As the world’s first hygienic mouse traps, Victor® Kill & Seal Mouse Traps protect you from the dangers of mice. Traditional mouse traps don’t contain the mice once they are caught, but our patented clean mouse traps seal in the mice along with their disease-carrying parasites and unsanitary fluids. With our patented no-mess mouse traps, the dead mouse is completely sealed inside, preventing any fluids or parasitic pests from escaping and providing a sanitary solution to your rodent problems. Use them in any room in your home or business to get rid of rodents safely and sanitarily.


Buying Victor® Hygienic Mouse Traps in Bulk Saves You Money

If you are fighting a rodent infestation in your home, then buy our hygienic mouse traps in bulk to save money, while protecting your customers, family and pets from the diseases spread by rodents. Our convenient multi-packs give you plenty of trapping power to tackle your mouse problem in next to no time. The mice in your home or business won’t stand a chance of escaping from our hygienic mouse traps.


You’ll Love Kill & Seal Hygienic Mouse Traps from Victor®

The best part about hygienic mouse traps is that you never have to touch or see a dead mouse again. Once a mouse is caught, the red, fluid-tight door of the trap seals in the dead rodent. When you notice the trap door is down, just throw away the whole trap, mouse and all for a sanitary, no-see and no-touch cleanup! For effortless rodent control, use our clean mouse traps as directed to take care of your rodent problem safely and effectively.


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