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Get rid of mice in seconds! We have the latest innovations in Commercial Electronic Mouse Control
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    Victor® Multi-Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap
  • 5 TRAPS
    Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap

    Victor® Electronic Mouse Trap



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Professional Mouse Traps Protect

Mice are unwelcome guests in any home or business. These dangerous creatures and their disease-carrying pests pose a health risk to the people and pets within your home or business. They eat where you eat and travel where you travel, making you vulnerable to their dangers. Rodents are the ideal carriers of diseases, easily transmitting diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus and salmonella to those in close proximity. Some symptoms caused by these diseases include skin lesions, intestinal disorders, renal failure, fever, circulatory attacks, respiratory problems and even death. In order to protect yourself from the diseases spread by rodents, you need professional mouse traps from Victor®.


Professional Mouse Traps Exterminate

At Victor®, we offer a variety of professional mouse traps that can get rid of your mouse infestations, quickly and effectively. Our electronic mouse traps are one of our most innovative products. These professional mouse traps deliver a high-voltage shock to exterminate mice in seconds. On one set of batteries, you can kill up to 100 mice. Electronic mouse traps can be used anywhere including homes, businesses, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and rental properties. One of these professional mouse traps ensures effective mouse control for years of use.


Professional Mouse Traps in Bulk

Get the best in rodent control with our professional mouse traps in bulk. These multi-pack kits can solve your rodent problem fast without any fuss. Easy to use electronic mouse traps are recommended by professional exterminators for their 100% efficacy. Get rid of rodents fast with professional mouse traps from Victor®.


An electronic rat trap from Victor® can help you control your rat problem fast.