Commercial Electronic Mouse Traps

Get your mouse infestation under control in no time with commercial mouse traps! Here at Victor®, we have the latest innovations in commercial electronic mouse control, and for your convenience, we even sell our professional mouse traps in bulk to save you money! Victor® electronic traps eliminate your pesky invaders humanely and effectively by delivering a quick, high-voltage shock. In addition, our innovative electronic mouse traps allow for no-see, no-touch disposal each time a catch is made.

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Victor® Commercial Electronic Mouse Traps are Easy to Use

Victor® electronic mouse traps are highly effective and user-friendly so you can take care of your mouse problem with little hassle to you. To use, simply bait your traps with your bait of choice, place the traps in areas with signs of high rodent activity, and turn them on. When a pest enters a trap, it will receive a brief shock that it cannot survive. The trap’s convenient indicator light will inform you when a catch has been made, allowing you to empty it without ever having to see or touch the remains.


Victor® Commercial Electronic Mouse Traps Protect Your Home and Business

Mice are unwelcome guests in any home or business. These dangerous creatures and their disease-carrying pests pose a health risk to both people and pets. Mice eat where you eat and travel where you travel, making you vulnerable to their dangers. Rodents transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus and salmonella to people and animals in close proximity. In order to protect yourself from the diseases spread by rodents, Victor® offers a selection of highly rated electronic mouse traps to get rid of your infestation in no time.


Victor® Commercial Electronic Mouse Traps are Innovative, Effective and Long Lasting

At Victor®, we offer a variety of professional mouse traps that can get rid of your mouse infestations, quickly and effectively. Our electronic mouse traps are one of our highest rated, most innovative products. These electronic mouse traps deliver a humane, high-voltage shock to exterminate mice in seconds. Victor® traps are reusable and long lasting – all you need to do is replace the batteries and you’ll get a lifetime of rodent control. Electronic mouse traps can be used anywhere including homes, businesses, hospitals, office buildings, restaurants and rental properties.


Victor® Commercial Electronic Mouse Traps are Available in Bulk

Get the best in rodent control with our professional mouse traps in bulk, saving you time and money. These multi-pack kits can solve your rodent problem fast without any fuss. Our easy-to-use electronic mouse traps are recommended by animal control professionals for their effectiveness. Get rid of rodents fast with electronic mouse traps from Victor®!


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