Questions about Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Electronic Mouse Trap


Q.What are the dimensions of this trap?

This trap is 3.45" x 7.8" x 1.65".

Q.What if you have more than one mouse trap? How do you know which one to check or do you have to check them all? (I have a lot of mice.)

The traps can be named and the alert will be trap-specific so you do not need to check them all.

Q.Hi, Is it good for norway and roof rats? I mean is it big enough? Thank you,

This product is designed for mice only.

Q.Do electronic rat/mouse traps pose a hazard to household pets?

We recommend placing these traps in areas inaccessible to pets.

Q.Is there a way to interface the wifi trap to pre existing software applications?

This trap is designed to be used with our Victor® Pest app which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store® or Android Google Play™ store.