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There are many other sites committed to providing you with valuable rodent control information

These are the ones we especially recommend ...



Recommended Links


Animal Planet (Discovery Channel)

This website from the Discovery Channel is great for animal enthusiasts of all ages.




Desert USA – Desert Animals and Wildlife

Very informative site about the wildlife found in American deserts.




The Mammals of Texas – Online Edition

Find great, concise information on a wide variety of animals indigenous to Texas.




National Geographic Society: Animals

The world renowned National Geographic Society has a wonderful website filled with information on all kinds of animals!




University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Diversity Web

This site, written by students and graduate students of the University of Michigan, is both very informative and well-written.





The United States Geological Society has a multitude of information on many different animals of the U.S.




Wildlife Management

An easy-to-use, fact-filled site that begins with a chart listing the animals covered on the site.




San Diego Natural History Museum

A well-written site filled with information on animals that inhabit the surrounding land and Pacific Ocean near the San Diego area.




Newton: Ask A Scientist

Written for students and educators, this contains the helpful column, "Ask a Scientist"




GreenShare factsheets. University of Rhode Island

Excellent site containing a wealth of information on everything from Insect and Animal Pests to Gardening and Landscaping.




Mammals of Kansas

An extremely large listing of the mammals of the state of Kansas leads the user to very detailed, well-written details about each of the animals.




mt.gov   Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Interesting and informative, this site provides the reader with details about the animals found in Montana.




Colorado State University Extension

This site covers everything from Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural Resources, Nutrition Resources, and 4-H. Excellent information presented in an inviting, easy-to-use format.




The Moleman

This site gives a comprehensive look at moles and mole control.  Tom Schmidt, the Moleman, has been in the mole trapping business since 1986 and he provides valuable information as well as recommendations for trappers in other areas of the country.




PlanoPestControl, Inc.

Get rid of Wasps - Wasps are one of the most dangerous stinging insects.  Get rid of wasps with Planopestcontrol.com.





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