Rat Zapper® Rat Defense Kit


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Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap - 1 Trap
Rat Zapper® Rat Pack

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  • Keep you home or business rat free with the power of Rat Zapper®

Rat Zapper® Rat Defense Kit

This highly effective combination of our Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap, our Rat Zapper® Rat Pack, and the convenient Rat Zapper® Rat Tale can help you eliminate and control any rat problem.

Kit includes:

  • Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap
  • Rat Zapper® Rat Pack
  • Rat Zapper® Rat Tale


Rat Zapper® Classic Rat Trap

Let's face it: killing rats probably isn't one of your favorite things to do. This is why the Rat Zapper® Classic was made to be as humane, safe, and easy to use as possible. If you want a top-quality solution that will deliver years of dependable service, buy the electronic Rat Zapper® Classic for quick control of your rodent problem. Learn more

Rat Zapper® Rat Pack

The Rat Pack, a battery pack designed specifically for your Rat Zapper® Classic will keep you from having to change the batteries as often. The Rat Pack can triple the number of rodents killed from 20 to 60 before a battery change is required and will allow you to use the Rat Zapper® Classic for up to one year! Learn more

Rat Zapper® Rat Tale

Eliminating rats with the Rat Zapper® Ultra and the Rat Zapper® Classic is safe and easy, especially after accessorizing your trap with the Rat Zapper® Rat Tale. The highly effective Rat Tale Remote Indicator Light flashes for up to 20 days to notify you of a kill. Learn more


Rat Zapper® Rat Defense Kit


Rat Zapper® Classic Trap

  • Works as a mice zapper trap as well as for average-size rats
  • Easy to use – insert batteries, bait, turn it on, place, and relax
  • Hands-free “no touch, no view” disposal reduces “yuck” factor of a common mouse and rat trap
  • Cleanup is easy and it can be reused indefinitely – your friends and family will want to borrow (and keep!) it
  • One set of 4 AA batteries = 20 kills
  • Battery replacement notification
  • Safe and sanitary – while always wise to use caution around kids and pets, there is no blood, mess, chemicals, or poisons
  • High 8,000-volt two-plate design delivers shock lasting two full minutes
  • Red indicator light flashes repeatedly upon kill
  • One-year warranty and lifetime customer support

Rat Zapper® Rat Pack Features

  • Place in the attic, under the house, in the RV, pool house, shed or any place needed
  • Triples the number of rodents killed per set of batteries from 20 to 60
  • Extends the standby length of time to 6 months
  • Reduces number of times batteries need to be changed
  • Uses four alkaline D-cell batteries (not included)
  • For use with the Rat Zapper® Classic only

Rat Zapper® Rat Tale Features

  • Place in the attic, under the house, in the RV, pool house, shed or any place needed
  • Eliminates need to check traps in unpleasant or hard-to-reach places
  • Long, thin, flexible 12-foot extension allows for easy placement
  • Red LED lights flash for up to 15-20 days when the Rat Zapper® has a kill
  • Powered by 2, 3.3 lithium batteries (included)

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