Victor Rodent Control Announces How They Are Helping Troops Fight Unforeseen Enemy

Rodent control company donates mouse and rat traps to troops overseas

U.S. Army Spc. Christopher J. Fisher

When the men and women of the U.S. armed forces arrive in combat theaters like Iraq and Afghanistan, few expect to have to fight one particularly relentless enemy: rodents. Woodstream Corporation, parent company of pest control leader Victor®, recognizes that the troops have more important tasks at hand. The company is a proud ally in the battle against rodents where U.S. armed forces work and serve by making cases of rat and mouse traps available for donation to active troops.

"Rats and mice wreak havoc for U.S. troops in combat zones," explained Joshua Elliott, Woodstream Category Development Associate, Victor. "They damage combat gear as well as troops' personal belongings. Victor Rodent Control is proud to ship traps to military bases and installations to help solve this problem."

To make its donations, Victor needs the help of consumers and friends or family of military personnel stationed in combat zones. Each time a consumer purchases an electronic mouse trap at, Victor sets aside a case of 72 wooden snap mouse traps or 12 wooden snap rat traps for donation.

The response from troops on active duty has further reinforced the effort. "[Victor Rodent] has supplied us with the tools to engage an enemy the U.S. Army was neither trained nor equipped to fight," stated U.S. Army Spc. Christopher J. Fisher. "I speak for every soldier here when I say [Victor has] truly made a big difference in our quality of life."

In fact, Victor Rodent has made a difference in people's lives for over a century, thanks to Victor wooden rodent snap traps. The company has always manufactured its traps in Pennsylvania and is the only U.S. manufacturer of wooden rodent snap traps. Today, Victor Rodent also offers the Victor Multi Kill™ Electronic Mouse Trap, the patented Victor Electronic Rat Trap, ultrasonic rodent repellents and other rodent control products.

Support of the U.S. armed forces is a fundamental value of Victor Rodent. The company helped the war effort in World War II and has been donating traps to soldiers on request since the first Gulf War.

"We currently have a significant amount of traps available for donation on," Elliott stated. "Victor Rodent encourages military personnel and their friends and families to visit the site and request traps if they have the need. It's a tangible way to help our troops."

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