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The key to effective inspections is to identify the primary harborage, feeding and activity areas of rodents also known as "rodent zones".  The rodent zones are those areas between the nest and food sources.  Since finding rodent nests can feel like a game of hide and seek, we are providing you with a few tools to give you the leg up!


Below is a listing of the most common harborage sites utilized by the House Mouse, Norway Rat, and Roof Rat...





Inspection Checklists



Inspection Checklists


As the first step in effective rodent control, a thorough home inspection should lead you to the rodent nests or burrow.  However, if you are having trouble locating those nests, the following printable checklists will allow you to zero in on these high-activity areas.  They will also help you to determine areas that need to be rodent-proofed.


Interior Checklist»

Exterior Checklist»



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Victor®, the industry leader in rodent control, offers a variety of innovative rat control solutions such as electronic rat traps , ultrasonic rat repellents and rodenticides to help you with all your rodent control needs. Victor® has all the information you need to get rid of the rat in your home.



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