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Over the years, many popular magazines and movies have featured stories about rodents. In this age of information technology, good information can be transferred quickly. On the other hand, the Internet & poorly researched articles can serve to quickly misinform the public.


The following are myths, misconceptions, or half-truths commonly heard from people about the rodent in their neighborhoods.







FACT:  This myth is full of holes.  A mouse’s typical diet consists of seeds and fruit.  Mice don’t really like cheese – although they will eat it if it is their only food.  Ideal baits are peanut butter, chocolate, and meats such as bacon.



FACT:  Mice and rats do urinate relatively often compared to some of the larger mammals. But they do have bladders.

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FACT:  Cats may kill the occasional young or old rodent, but they do not control rodent infestations.



FACT:  Although they are closely related, rats and mice are different species.



FACT:  Most likely, there is more than one in your house.  Mice reproduce rapidly.  Mice will reproduce year-round in stable environments with adequate food, water and shelter.  In fact, a single female mouse may produce up to 60 offspring annually.



FACT:  Water is not essential for the survival of a mouse.  Typically, they are able to fill their water needs from the foods they consume – even dry cereal.

house mouse nests- rodent library - victorpest



FACT:  Mice will only explore a limited home range – approximately 30 feet outside of their nests.  This is another reason why the key to effective trapping is location, location, location!



FACT:  There is no evidence nor has there ever been that rodents would exit buildings seeking water and then die outside, although this would be very convenient.  Additionally, a rodent bait has never existed that would prevent decaying odor should they die inside.  Most times rodents succumb to death in their own nests.



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Victor®, the industry leader in rodent control, offers a variety of innovative mouse control solutions such as electronic mouse traps, ultrasonic mouse repellents and rodenticides to help you with all your rodent control needs.






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