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victorpest - rat with bread - rodent 101 - rats- rodent controlRODENT 101

Rodents are a part of this world, but they don't need to be invading your homes and yards.  Learn about these animal pests including common myths, dangers rodents pose, printable inspection checklists, and more!



Rodents 101 - Myths



Victorpest - myths - rodent control


Find out about the myths, misconceptions, or half-truths commonly heard from people about rodents in their neighborhoods.  Myths about mice, rats and moles are covered in a Q&A format.


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Victorpest - rodent dangers- rodent control



Victorpest - rodent dangers- rodent control


Rodents make excellent “vehicles” for harboring and transporting diseases.  Keep your family and pets safe by learning about different rodent-borne disease, their symptoms, and how they are transmitted.


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Victorpest - inspection- rodent control



Victorpest - inspection checks- rodent control


Printable checklists and an overview of high-activity areas inside and outside your home will help you to focus your trapping and rodent proofing efforts.  Let us help you outsmart your pests!


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victropest - rodent proof your home - rodent control