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Vole Rodent Library - Identify Vole Damage - Victor Vole Control

Voles may be small, but they are a force to be reckoned with. If these underground, fast-breeding varmints have ever invaded your lawn or garden, you know what we’re talking about. Voles may not be life-threatening and maybe no one has ever died from having them in their yard, but we’re betting the problem is front and center for those of you have had their lawns destroyed by these covert invaders.


It’s an undisputablefact that voles have exceptional burrowing and tunneling abilities. Just ask any homeowner who has experienced the misfortune of their garden destroyed by voles, or a tree killed by these destructive rodents. They’ll tell you.






Vole Control Options Prevention

In addition to trapping and repelling voles, these prevention methods can help to reduce the potential risk of voles taking over your lawn:

  • Mow grass to a short height.
  • Eliminate ground cover and dense vegetative cover around your home. Both provide food for voles and protection from predators.
  • Minimize the amount of mulch in your yard and turn mulch frequently to discourage voles from establishing tunnels.
  • Protect young trees and shrubs with a 12-inch tall fence made of hardware cloth. Bury the cloth three inches into the ground to create a barrier that will keep voles away.
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