Roof Rat 

Norway Rat

Other Names: Black Rat, Fruit Rat, Ship Rat, Alexandrian Rat

Roof Rats will gladly live in close proximity to humans, particularly in attics, ceilings, and wall areas. Roof Rats enjoy inhabiting upper areas of buildings or homes, gnawing on the wires found there, often causing fires, outages and production down-time.

Identify Damage
Control Options

The Roof Rat is implicated in the transmission of a number of diseases to humans and to pets. They prefer to forage for food above ground in elevated areas indoors and out.

Suggested Roof Rat Baits

Do you have a rat trap and need to know what the best rat bait options are? Victor® recommends the following baits to attract Roof Rats.

Peanut Butter
  • Nuts
  • Insects such as slugs
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried fruit
  • Berries
  • Snail shells
  • Nesting materials such as dental floss

Catch those rats with Victor's® Roof Rat bait suggestions, such as nuts, berries and peanut butter. Tie the rat bait to a trigger to prevent that tricky rodent from stealing the bait without setting off the trap. For baits that cannot be tied (peanut butter, e.g.), use only small amounts of bait for best results.

Remember, some rats are harder to catch and are Neophobic or "extra cautious" of new objects that suddenly appear in their environment. For these cases, rat traps should be placed out, but left unset, and baited for a couple days prior to setting the traps. This will give the Roof Rat a chance to become accustomed to it.