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Help prevent rodents from entering your home or business with a Victor® Sonic PestChaser®
Ultra PestChaserHeavy Duty PestChaserMini PRO PestChaserMini PestChaser
High frequency ultrasound repels rodents.
Emits ultrasound at varying volumes (peaking at 100dB)
  and varying frequencies (ranging from 32 to 62 kHz).
This technology prevents rodents from becoming
   accustomed to the ultrasound.
Having trouble choosing the right PestChaser® model for your needs? Need to know how many units are required to effectively maintain a pest-free home? Victor® makes it easy with our new PestChaser® Calculator.

Just enter your information into the calculator and let us do the work for you!

Get Started
3 Speakers!
No chemicals or poisons

Sound is inaudible to humans and non-rodent pets

DO NOT use a PestChaser® around rodent pets such as
  gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.

How PestChaser® Works...

Victor® Ultrasonic PestChaser®
Ultrasonic PestChaser®

Which Type Of Mouse Repellent Is Right for You?

PestChaser® PRO
Mini PRO
Mini PestChaser®
with Nightlight
    Ultra PestChaser   Heavy Duty Sonic PestChaser   Mini Pro Sonic PestChaser   Mini Sonic PestChaser
Ideal For:   Large Sized Rooms   Large Sized Rooms   Average Sized Rooms   Average Sized Rooms
  • High frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • High frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • High frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • High frequency ultrasound repels rodents
  • Large sized rooms
  • Large sized rooms
  • Average sized rooms
  • Average sized rooms
  • 3 speakers for ultimate output and coverage
  • 2 speakers for maximum output and coverage
  • 1 speaker for adequate coverage
  • 1 speaker for adequate coverage
  • Optional pulsating LED light
  • LED light
  • LED light
  • Nightlight
  • Easy to use - Plug in
    and forget
  • Easy to use - Plug in
    and forget
  • Easy to use - Plug in
    and forget
  • Easy to use - Plug in
    and forget
Products:   Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Bundle

  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Bundle



  Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Bundle

Expert Tips

Expert Tips

 sonic repeller plugged in - victorpest - all about repellents - rodent control

1.  Location, Location, Location

First, identify a room that has signs of rodent activity. Rodents are nocturnal creatures, which mean they rarely surface during the daytime. Look for the signs of an infestation: chewing or gnaw marks, droppings, tracks and nests. Next, plug the unit into an outlet which is open to the rest of the room, not behind furniture where the sound waves may be blocked.Ultrasound is reflected by hard surfaces and absorbed by soft surfaces.  In a room with mostly hard surfaces, like a kitchen, ultrasound will “bounce” around giving more effective coverage. The ideal placement would be one that allows the sound waves to cross in front of an entrance way.



     2.  Use Multiple Units

Ultrasonic waves behave more like light than sound. For example, music from your stereo can fill your entire house. Ultrasound cannot penetrate any solid surface (walls, floors, ceilings) or travel around corners. This is why you need a unit for each room. The rule regarding square footage coverage is simple: an ultrasonic device can only cover the room in which it is installed; in a 10' x 10' room it covers 100 sq. ft., in a double car garage it covers 400 sq. ft. With obstructions, you will need to install more than one unit for maximum effectiveness.


3. Monitor Rodent Activity

Monitoring the signs of rodent activity will allow you to correctly place the units in high-frequency areas and allow you to direct the unit towards their entry points.  Additionally, regularly checks for the signs of recent rodent activity (fresh droppings, rodent noises, new gnaw damage) will allow you to confirm the population is dissipating.  Remember, rodent populations can tolerate unfriendly changes in their environment for only a short time so you can expect to see a reduction in activity after 6 to 10 days on average.


     4.  Use In Conjunction With Other Controls For Established

         Populationsonic repeller plugged in - victorpest - all about repellents - rodent control

Ultrasonic devices should not be used alone to control an established infestation. Traps and rodenticides as well as sanitation and exclusion efforts should be used in conjunction with ultrasonic repellents.  In fact, ultrasonics can be used as a herding tool to force rodents into areas equipped with traps and baits.








Victor®, the industry leader in rodent control, offers a variety of innovative mouse control solutions such as electronic mouse traps, ultrasonic mouse repellents and rodenticides to help you with all your rodent control needs.