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Shop Victor Mouse Traps - Rodent Control - Victorpest

Active Ingredient: Bromethalin
Ideal for quick, knock down of rodent populations
Unique formulation - rodents will stop feeding after
eating a lethal dose
Kills more rodents with less bait
Lowest risk of secondary poisoning
Victor® Fast-Kill® rodenticides are made with high-quality, bakery-grade ingredients consisting of natural food sources (grains, seeds and oats) so they are appealing to rodents. The rodenticide bait blocks are shaped with gnaw edges derived from rodent feeding patterns.
Since 1898, Victor® has been manufacturing rodent control products and dedicated to providing solutions to rodent problems. Victor® has been an integral part of American life and Fast-Kill® rodenticides are here to carry on the legacy.
A Trusted Brand Name Since 1898
Over a BILLION Impressions of the Iconic Victor® “V”
Consistent Quality Every Time

About Rodenticides
Blocks - unique shape design provides attractive gnawing item for rodents
Packaged in convenient multi-packs
Expert Tips - For best results bait placement is key
Install in areas that rodents repeatedly encounter during their daily feeding and foraging periods
Maximize consumption by making new and different baits available to rodents
Strategies - Easy to use – simply place pre-filled bait station near sign of rodent activity