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Non toxic, proprietary glue formula.

Appealing peanut butter scent attracts rodents.

Provides the best super-hold formula proven to securely contain even heavy rodents.

No cheese or peanut butter needed. Simple to use. Just place and catch.
Just place and catch. Simply separate the two glue trays and position along walls in areas of rodent activity.
Large, strong-holding capture surface, can be used around kids and pets.
A trusted brand name since 1898
We revolutionized the rodent control market over 100 years ago with the invention of the spring-based Victor® Mouse Trap.
Today, we continuously strive to manufacture innovative, quality products that keep your family safe from the dangers rodents pose.
Whether you are attempting to prevent a rodent infestation or trying to fight one, there is a product to fit each and every situation.
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Why Victor®
Glue Traps?

Easy to use
No baiting
No setting
Traps insects, spiders, and other small pests
Inexpensive tool for rodent control

Which Type Is Right for You?

Glue Board   Mouse Glue Trays   Rat Glue Trays
Pest Glue Board   Mouse Glue Tray   Rat Glue Trays
Covered for dust free surface

Low profile for easy access

Professional solution

Catches mice & rats
  Catches mice

High efficacy
  Catches mice & rats

More glue to catch rats

Highest efficacy





Use Victor Glue Boards